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A smile is a genuine expression of  a person and a reflection of their overall health and vitality.  An attractive smile can make a significant statement in a person's social and professional life.  A smile is a personal signature!  

According to a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry almost all adults say that an attractive smile is an important social asset.  Also, most adults agree that an unattractive smile can affect the perception of a person's ability on their job.

So fundamental is a smile in our society, that cosmetic dental procedures have become a very popular aspect in dental treatment.  Most people have a concern about their smile, from a small blemish to major problems to be corrected by a dentist.  

I carefully listen and analyze each patient's concerns.  Through my years of dental practice and training I combine the art and science of dentistry to provide  personal and comprehensive treatment for the best dental care. From routine dental treatment  to   family dental care,  TMJ treatment to correct a patient's occlusion or bite, to cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening, dental veneers, metal free dentistry, all-natural ceramic crowns, and dental implants. I also offer sleep apnea treatment to patients in the Walnut Creek area. I don't just simply "fix" teeth, but enhance my patient's well-being.  I have seen wonderful changes in a patient's  overall attitude through their treatment from being self-conscious about their smile to wanting to smile all the time.  They see a better image of themselves with increased self-esteem and well-being.  I feel so gratified when patients tell me "Thank you Dr. Skiba, I now have a beautiful smile.  I felt so embarassed about my appearance before and now it feels great to smile!"

I invite you to visit my Walnut creek dental office where my staff and I can present to you a very personal experience  for your best and healthiest smile.

A smile is a gift!

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