Bleaching and non-bleaching products are the two basic kinds of whitening products available today.

Non-bleaching tooth whitening toothpastes normally use abrasives or chemicals and only remove surface stains on teeth.

products work with a chemical called carbamide peroxide and can brighten your teeth several shades. The peroxide gel used comes in a variety of concentrations generally 10% - 30%, depending on the color of the teeth.

Flexible custom made trays that fit over the teeth for application of the bleaching gel is the most practical, safe and cost-effective treatment to bleach teeth. The procedure is comfortable and reduces tooth sensitivity.

The application of the bleaching gel is done on a daily basis for 1 - 2 hours.Depending on the color intensity and stain of the teeth and age, the teeth bleaching process can take approximately 2 weeks to 6 weeks.

The eventual outcome from this simple bleaching process is a beautiful, bright, natural smile!

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