Be Ready To Show Off Your Beautiful Smile
By Frank R. Skiba, DDS
January 25, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry   veneers  

With dental veneers, you won’t believe how much you can truly transform your smile.

You want a smile that’s ready for success, but when you notice stains, chips and uneven teeth it can be difficult to feel successful or veneersconfident in yourself. It’s amazing how much our appearance affects how we feel. So whether you are just looking to get a new appearance for the New Year or you want to wow them at your next job interview, our Walnut Creek, CA, dentist Dr. Frank Skiba has the answers for how to do just that!

What are dental veneers?

These thin coverings are made from high-quality tooth-colored porcelain or composite resin and are bonded to the front of your teeth to improve the color, shape and size of your smile. You may choose to only get one dental veneer to improve an unsightly tooth or you may choose to cover your entire smile to get a full makeover. The choice is up to you!

While dental veneers have been around for decades the materials we use today offer results that look just like your real teeth. There is a reason why so many people are choosing to get dental veneers in Walnut Creek, CA, to revamp their smile.

How are dental veneers placed?

There are many steps to getting dental veneers. Of course, once our Walnut Creek, CA, cosmetic dentist deems you a good candidate for this cosmetic treatment, these are the steps you can expect to go through to get your new smile:

  1. Imaging: Our computer technology makes it possible to show you the changes that your veneers will make to your smile, whether they are being used to brighten your smile, reshape teeth or just give you a more even, straighter smile. You’ll get a great idea of the smile we’ll be able to achieve through veneers.
  2. Prepping the Teeth: Before we can place your veneers, we need to make some room for them. This means shaving down anywhere from 0.3 to 0.7 millimeters of enamel to reduce the thickness of your teeth. From there, impressions are then taken of your prepared teeth.
  3. Trial Veneers: In some cases, you will be given temporary veneers to wear until your permanent ones are made. They will serve to protect the teeth that have just been prepared for your new restorations. This also gives you an idea of what living with veneers will be like.
  4. Placing Your Veneers: Since veneers are custom-made to fit your teeth you will have to wait up to a week to get your restorations. Once they are complete, we will remove your temporary veneers, apply a bonding resin between your permanent veneers and your teeth and then when you are satisfied with your look the doctor will harden the bonding agent permanently.

Do you think dental veneers could finally give you the dream smile you’ve always wanted? If so, then it’s time you called our Walnut Creek, CA, dentist, Dr. Skiba, to schedule your no-risk consultation. Let’s get you the smile you deserve!