Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options
By Mark Maher, DDS
June 09, 2020
Category: Oral Health

Have you ever felt that you needed cosmetic dentistry treatments for your teeth? To figure out whether you qualify for that treatment, or if it is the right one for you, you need to consult with your cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mark Maher of Mark Maher, DDS, here in Walnut Creek, CA, first. Until then, here are your options.

Dental Veneers

Made from super-thin custom materials, veneers are bonded to the front surface of your smile to improve color and alignment. They only require the removal of half a millimeter of enamel to be bonded properly and achieve proper tooth shape, size, length, and color. With proper care, dental veneers could last up to 15 years.

Composite Bonding

This cosmetic dentistry treatment is ideal for repairing decayed, discolored, or damaged teeth with materials that are similarly colored to your tooth enamel. During treatment, the decayed portion of your tooth is removed before composite is applied to the surface. It is then sculpted to the proper shape and cured with a high-intensity light. It can give a decayed, cracked, chipped, or worn-down tooth a healthy appearance.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Likewise called a cap because it fits over the tooth, a crown is designed to replace a decayed or damaged tooth from above your gum line. The entire size, durability, shape, and appearance of the tooth will be restored. A weakened tooth could likewise be prevented from cracking or breaking with the help of a dental crown. This cosmetic dentistry treatment is also applied to extremely stained or oddly-shaped teeth.

A dental bridge on the other hand is a set of crowns placed on either side of a gap and false teeth are placed in between. Porcelain is typically the material of choice to allow the dental bridge to easily blend in with the rest of the natural teeth.

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