Dental Staff

Mark Maher, DDS

Dentist in Walnut Creek, CA

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Dr. Maher and his staff work together at their Walnut Creek dental office as a dedicated team of trained
professionals who give each patient individualized attention and care.

Dental Staff | Walnut Creek, CA

Sue Veronica Kathy Ellen Marty


From the moment that a patient enters the dental office in Walnut Creek they are greeted by
Ellen and made to feel welcome. Ellen has been our office representative for the past 11 years. Through her years of dental business experience, Ellen is able to take care of all your financial and insurance concerns to allow your dental treatment to be acheived as easily as possible.

Patients have gotten to know each of the 4 hygienists, Marty, Sue, Kathy and Veronica with their friendly, caring attitudes. They have built personal relationships with the patients that they treat. They are all well trained, concientious hygienists having been involved in dental hygiene for many years. Marty since 1973 from Northwestern University, Sue since 1977 from Loyola University, and Kathy and Veronica since 1978 from Diablo Valley College.

They have all been friends for many years and take pride in the roles they perform in providing the best dental care possible!.

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