Metal Free Dentistry

In the past, dental restorations or fillings were composed of metal, either amalgam which were a silver-mercury compound filling material, gold crowns or porcelain crowns with a metal core framework.  Over time the amalgam fillings would corrode and deteriorate, leaking  and causing decay around and underneath the filling. The porcelain-metal crowns would chip or pocelain would fracture off the metal core and as the gum tissue receded a dark line would be exposed from the metal core showing along the edge of the crown.  Also, some people would develop metal sensitivities and allergies with the gum tissues becoming red and inflammed. 

Now today's advanced technologies has made it possible to restore teeth to almost their natural condition without the use of any metal.  These modern dental materials and techniques offer new ways to create more natural looking restorations.  There are several types of tooth colored materials that can be used to repair decayed or broken teeth.  The tooth colored fillings are composed of ceramic particles and a resin matrix to blend into the tooth and rebuild the tooth with a natural appearance, strength and wear resistance.  Computer precision milled crowns composed of an all-ceramic material are made in such a way that  replicate natural tooth structure and are very strong.  These all-ceramic materials are virtually unbreakable and are execellent  even for people who have bruxism and grind on their teeth.

Metal free dental resorations are a reliable option for patients that  preserve the natural appearance of their teeth, repair the function of the bite and provide a strong, long lasting result.

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