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Sleep Apnea Treatment in Walnut Creek, CA

Anything that causes a chronic disruption to your sleep cycle must be addressed for your better health and overall wellness. The American Sleep Association estimates that as many as 70 million adult Americans struggle with some type of sleep disorder, and obstructive sleep apnea affects about 25 million people. Unfortunately, many people have sleep apnea but haven’t had it diagnosed yet. Know the possible signs of this condition and how it can be successfully treated by a dentist who is familiar with sleep disorders.

Could It Be Sleep Apnea?

Unless you have a partner who can monitor your sleeping patterns, you might not realize that you have sleep apnea unless you analyze certain symptoms when you’re awake, Here are a few signs that you could have a problem with sleep apnea:

- You’re irritable and moody in the morning.
- When you wake up, you still feel tired and want to sleep even after many hours.
- You lack concentration and feel like you’re forgetting things more often.
- You snore loudly and disruptively.

Sleep Apnea: Possible Causes

When a patient has obstructive sleep apnea, he or she wakes unexpectedly (and unknowingly) many times during the night. For a few seconds, breathing may stop completely due to an obstruction of the airway. These are some possible causes:

- A dental or orthodontic problem that causes the jaw to be positioned in an uncomfortable position.
- Overweight patients are more prone to sleep apnea.
- Enlarged tonsils, adenoids, and excess soft tissue in the mouth or throat.
- Excessive consumption of alcohol or overuse of sedatives.

Best Treatments for Sleep Apnea

It’s important that the average adult receives about seven to nine hours of restful sleep each night for optimal health and vitality. To achieve this result after being diagnosed with sleep apnea, your dentist may recommend that you have a custom oral appliance designed. It places the jaw forward to provide a more open passageway when you’re sleeping.

Talk to a Dentist About Sleep Apnea

You may be amazed by how your nights and days change for the better when you are able to restore your sleep. Sleep apnea is treatable using conservative methods.

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