TMJ Treatment

Why Choose TMJ Treatment?

TMJ Pain in Walnut Creek, CATemporomandibular disorders can have many different signs and symptoms, which may include :

  • pain around the ears
  • headaches
  • tenderness of the jaw muscles
  • clicking or popping noise when opening or closing the mouth
  • pain when eating
  • jaw joints that feel as if they become stuck or go out of position

The muscles and jaw joints may not function properly, resulting in cycles of pain and spasm. Oral habits such as clenching or grinding the teeth may develop as a result of stress. These habits can then fatigue the muscles and cause them to develop spasm and pain. If the problem persists for a period of time, the jaw joints and muscles may become affected resulting in an improper function and pain. Also, arthritic conditions and trauma can cause jaw disfunction.

To determine how best to treat a person's condition, at my Walnut Creek dental office  a thorough examination is performed to evaluate the condition of the jaw joints, the jaw muscles and the bite (occlusion) relationship of the teeth and jaw.

The following TMJ treatments may be advised:

  • physical therapy exercises to strengthen the jaw muscles
  • medications prescribed such as muscle relaxants, analgesics(pain)and anti-inflammatory medications
  • mouth appliance to stabilize the bite function
  • correcting the bite (occlusion) relationsip by restoring various teeth
  • referral to physician for further evaluation

In many cases the pain, headaches, and related symptoms associated with temporomandibular disorders can be treated.

For further information you can read the article, "Temporomandibular Disorders" in the ADA PATIENT LIBRARY.

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